Services for distributors

The world of beverage brands is definitely as colourful as their labelling would suggest. Brands come and go, old things reinvent themselves and new things quickly grow old. Those who want to prevail as a distributor of beverages in this environment need a comprehensive overview of the sector, its supply and its demand. The aim is to be able to answer questions such as “What are the upcoming trends?”, “Which of the trends are here to stay?” and “Which of the trends are on their way out?” with well-founded expertise.

  • Interface for initial communication with potential brands 
  • Portfolio expansion with international brands as an exclusive national distributor
  • Sector-specific and global product search

Linking preferences

Successful drinks distribution lives off of successful brands. Brands that can demonstrate healthy growth in their country of origin and therefore offer the most important prerequisite for moving confidently into the foreign market. When looking for new products for your range, this is one of our main criteria. With our ability to correctly highlight trends and developments, BevLink provides the ideal basis for expanding your portfolio to give you a wealth of new opportunities.

Our international team is always on the lookout for product innovations, in order to be able to offer suitable additions for every range. BevLink links brands with suitable distributors and vice-versa, thus generating promising added value – particularly for target groups that are thirsting for variety and change.