Services for brands

The way in which we communicate and act through social networks has proven that a world without boundaries is no longer a pipe dream. Across countries and continents, we share what we are listening to, enjoying and eating on a daily basis. BevLink makes it possible for us to share even more quickly and efficiently what it is that we are drinking. 

  • Strategic consulting for brand internationalization
  • Acces to network of 250 global distributors 
  • Knowledge and handling of barriers to market entry
  • Consulting in goods declarations, ingredients, the health claims regulation
  • Selection, planning and participation in trade fairs
  • Brand integration into bevlink communication tools

Globalisation makes you thirsty: understanding the language of expansion with BevLink

Many beverage brands around the world have been a permanent features of their local culture for decades. However, this doesn’t mean that a regional concept will also work on the international drinks market. Internationalisation of distribution seldom has anything to do with demand – taking the first step is already quite a challenge. BevLink overcomes distribution boundaries with a clear focus on networking and market understanding in the beverage sector.

Detailed knowledge of the market is a key to a brand establishing itself successfully abroad. With tailored distribution concepts that take into account general economic development, purchasing power and pricing policies within the target market, we pave the way for successful expansion.

BevLink links local supply with international demand. With transparent processes, we make the specificities of country-specific sale easy for all parties to understand, taking the distribution of beverages to a whole new level.