A step ahead in quenching thirst

Refreshing, different, exciting: adjectives that could also describe any new drinks brand. In this context, however, they describe this brand new Bevlink website, which was launched just a few days ago. 

Innovation through interaction

With BevLink and the accompanying portal, we have set ourselves the aim of revolutionising the way in which we drink and the range of products that we drink. 

The focus of what we do is networking concepts. BevLink links drinks brands with distributors and supply with demand on an international level, in order to expand local product ranges with exciting new beverages. What for? Because we want everyone to be able to access and enjoy all of the thirst-quenchers that the world has to offer and that we come into contact with daily. 

Networking for thirst-quenching

BevLink has been offering brands and distributors the opportunity to contact one another across ideational and economic boundaries for a year now. With the re-launch of our portal, this process is becoming even more simple, transparent and effective. Customers, interested parties and service providers can now get up-to-date information on activity in the sector, expansions to the BevLink network and product-specific news more or less in real time.

Hoping to take your drinks concepts into the wider world and looking for the right partner to do so? With its new website, BevLink offers you the ideal conditions to realise this, and revels in bringing the market closer together with fresh design and plenty of energy.

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