Locations & Team

BevLink works with an experienced team of experts from the distribution and beverage sector throughout the world. In addition, we are represented at important specialist trade fairs, around target groups and at the PoS in order to get a taste for the future. What was just an idea in New York yesterday, is already being enjoyed in San Francisco today, could be for sale in Berlin tomorrow. In short, the BevLink team identifies trends and knows what the world of tomorrow is going to be drinking. 

The whole world in one gulp

International requirements demand international measures: true to this motto, we now have our BevLink team positioned at key points on three continents.

With the aim of networking global distribution and making international beverage brands “refreshingly tempting” for local distributors, in the truest sense of the word. 

Think local, drink global!

Whether it be Asian reserve, oriental trading skill or western European precision, distribution means different things to different people. But most importantly, taste also means different things to different people.

The BevLink team is perfectly placed to bridge these cultural divides and remain up-to-date with activity on the market with its sites in Germany, South Africa and the USA.

Organic ice tea?

A traditional national drink with a facelift? The world of beverages is increasingly adapting to suit the consumer environment in terms of rapid change and innovation.

BevLink gives regional, young and aspiring brands with surprising drinks concepts the opportunity to make contact with international distributors and take their ideas into the wider world. 


Office Africa

44 Nova Constantia Road
Constantia - Cape Town
7848 South Africa

Office USA

870 South Collier Blvd.
Marco Island - Florida
34145 USA

Office Europe

Kantstraße 55
10625 Germany