XELLENT was launched in 2003 in Switzerland and is looking for new international markets.


XELLENT VODKA and GIN are distilled in copper alembics using traditional craftsmanship with fresh glacier water from Titlis and pure natural ingredients.


The distilled spirits from Willisau (Switzerland) were soon known and loved throughout the region and beyond. In particular, nobody wanted to do without the family firm's fruit brandies at public houses, restaurants and celebrations. Through irrepressible innovative drive and extremely motivated staff, DIWISA has become a market leader in Switzerland, as well as one of the most modern distilleries in Europe.


XELLENT is available in selected On-Premise and Duty-free outlets globally.


Main facts

  • Smoothness from Titlis Glacier water
  • Soft unique taste of high quality rye
  • Stylish 700 ml glas bottle
  • 40% alcohol